Ruby on Rails Development is a dynamic opportunity for enterprises to showcase their capability through web applications. ALF has helped numerous organizations in producing vibrant applications that speak efficacy, dexterity and smart integration. We work with enterprises of all sizes to launch their ideas into success, to scale existing web applications into more superlative platforms and to enlarge internal as well as external competence. With the help of ROR, ALF has created full stack development with ease and adeptness.

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Ruby On Rails Development

  • Ruby On Rails Gems Development
  • Libraries for common tasks
  • Customized URL
  • Enhanced Components
  • Extensive AJAX Library
  • Convention over configuration
  • Database Access Library
  • Hire Ruby On Rails Developer

Technical Expertise

  • Rails 2.3.12, Rails 3.1
  • PostgreSQL
  • HAML
  • Spree Commerce
  • Sinatra
  • SASS, Github
  • Strong expertise on Sublime
  • RhoMobile Suite or Rhodes Framework


High Available Storage

All flash storage is powered by SolidFire and can be instantly provisioned providing predictable data traffic performance on dedicated 10 Gbps networks


We run state-of-the-art infrastructure, cover IPv4.0 & IPv6.0 and provide connectivity through multiple redundant Middle-East & international carriers routes

Instant Upgrade

Upgrade your instance resources with no downtime using API, or through our Cloud platform


Get alerts on your systems health and resources by email. Our Control Panel monitors bandwidth, disk usage, CPU, memory levels and more


Restful API performs administrative actions on your virtual environment. Automate tasks and integrate them into your own developments

Backups & Snapshots

Enable automatic backups for instances or take a snapshot and restore them in real time

One-Click Applications

Skip the installation and configuration, get straight to deploying Cloud Server using one of our pre-built images


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