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Cloud Computing

Servers Hosted On The Internet to Store, Manage, And Process Data, Rather Than A Local Server Or In House Resource.

Infrastructure Deployment

ALF Offers Scalable IT Infrastructure Services And Solutions In The UAE And Dubai And Application Deployment.

Development Ideas

ALF Most Reliable Web Designing Company In UAE, Offer Best Prices For Web Hosting In UAE.  Hosting In UAE. Hosting In UAE.

Lease Equipment

Looking For Computer Hardware Leasing or IT Equipment in Dubai, UAE? We Offer Best Leasing Rates In UAE for Computers, Servers, and Printers.

The strength of the team is each individual member

Best Team of Specialist members in their field

Group of people who challenge and inspire

Team player who determine success

Focused specialists

Working together as a team helps build a cohesive organisation.

The secret to success in business is Synergy.

Customer + Alf = Synergy

1+ 1 = 1 1


All my economic ideas to Develop more effective decision making

Empowering your organization

Relieving the burdens

Preparing for emergencies




Decentralized Control

Its Ok to say  ” No ”

Its Ok to say we will Think about it

Its Ok to say “we will try ”

Its not ok to make promises you can`t keep

We do actions on our words, Reliability is precondition for trust.


we always try do more then your expectations

Open, honest Communication

its just a day – in,  day – out, ongoing, never -ending activity

Our purpose is  change your feelings



Customer 1st

Some of the companies that uses ALF Solutions

Each type of Product & Service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

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